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Organized by Jean Flacelière (F-AZDG), a friendly relaxed, topped with delicious food, explain in a nutshell this meeting.

I try to make a condensed view of 2010, Keith Peacock, Mike Willis and Stephan Vatter had motor problems who are now all resolved, luckily, their money also dissolved.Dear readers, Another year draws to a close, and for me there have been both high and low points. In March there was the fatal crash of an Alon A2 in Portugal.The final accident report has yet to be published, but it appears to have been caused by engine failure on take off.A very memorable weekend, Sven-Eric Pira came with his SE-BFX all from Sweden in very bad weather conditions, Mike Willis from Bourn with his G-HARY and I with my OO-PUS from Ostend.Keith Peacock had a motor problem and came by car as Andrew Gardner.And of course, please contribute to this newsletter, no matter how small your contribution is always welcome and will be enjoyed by others.

Happy flying, Mike Willis, G-HARY Robert Rombouts writes: We are very close of the year end, and it is appropriate to make a short résumé of the main meetings we had in 2010.Normally you know better as I which flying activities you did this year, but my intention is to point out all the good opportunities we enjoyed together, or if you miss it to make you more sorry for not attending.April (17-18) we had the Great Oakley (UK) meeting in full sunshine for the lucky English Ercoupers.So I wish you all Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year.In 2011 I hope you don't need any expensive engine work and that you will be able to attend as many fly-ins as possible.Sorry the weather was lousy, but the spirit was sky high, as always. v=d2ho Ht PR_z A August (7-8) the 2nd German Fly-In at Schönhagen-Berlin (Germany), Hartmut Beil organized a very ITM (Interesting Technical Meeting), personally I am very grateful he did a full check up of the OO-PUS.

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